The experience and the access to advocate change

Over the years Cornerstone has quietly but emphatically achieved leadership status in the spheres of government relations, lobbying and corporate consultancy throughout Australia.

We have done this by eschewing the typical one-off, transactional approach to government relations, working instead in collaborative partnerships. This creates the decisive opportunities for our clients to engage with government on issues with common goals in the public interest.

Cornerstone is led by the Hon Simon Crean and the Hon Dr Peter Hendy


At the forefront of our thinking, planning and the services we provide is a clear focus on addressing and mitigating risk. This ensures the directions we help you set and the steps you take align legislative, regulatory and public concerns with your unique goals on the pathway to a successful outcome.

Again, our depth of experience comes to the fore. In the confluence of public policy, commercial enterprise and community empowerment, Cornerstone has the expertise, resources and access you need.