Charting the path best for you

We work with and act for companies, institutions, NFPs and causes of all sizes, across all facets of society. Through experience, integrity and acumen we generate the optimal planning and deliver direct access to the key individuals who can shape the right outcomes. These are the influencers we know at every level of government, across the benches and throughout the departments supporting them.

Government Relations

Knowing how the political and legislative systems work and having relationships with the people who pull the levers of power give us virtually unrivalled advantages when it comes to persuasively and positively effecting change.  This gives you direct access to the people with the relevant decision making and policy shaping authority.

Policy Development

Fully understanding what to the untrained eye is complex to the point of indecipherable is a function of the experience and expertise we apply to elucidating your goals within the correct framework.  The best legislators in the business are on your side.

Procurement & Tendering

From the outset our experience comes to the fore in assessing the first steps that can make or break a proposal. Our skillsets include identifying the nuances of relevant policy in line with the specific targets governments look to address, highlighting aspects that set your tender proposal at a clear advantage.  By aligning your proposal with government objectives we deliver compelling answers to every requirement.

Polling & Public Opinion

Tapping into emerging trends and the factors that concern and motivate the communities you deal with begins with enlisting Australia's best polling specialists in our resource bank. As the basis for formulating captivating and compelling arguments to make your case this is a formidable asset at your disposal.

Policy & Political Research

Leaving no stone unturned, covering every possibility and permutation requires specialist analytical skills. We factor in decision making variables at all levels, public policy impact and commercial imperatives to help shape programs that engage, flourish and achieve your goals.

Stakeholder & Public Campaigns

Recognising the wants as well as the rights of every individual impacted by the initiative we orchestrate is part of shaping the process and the outcomes you are looking to achieve. The power of grassroots activities can and does permeate cabinet room decision making.

Communications Advisory Services

Defining the message and delivering it precisely makes the decisive difference. We engage market leading communications specialists to ensure clear, captivating messaging cost effectively achieve your primary objective – to elicit a response.

Media Monitoring & Media Training

Engaging the media while controlling both delivery and feedback are critical components, requiring proactive planning plus astute media monitoring.  We also provide the specialist training you need to interact on your terms, confidently and comprehensively.


Attracting the right people from their desks to willingly attend your event is as effective as it is difficult to execute. Whether it’s a boardroom lunch or a media centric celebration, we can create the ideal environment for you to project your personality, establish relationships and present your case.


Factoring in the prodigious ramifications policy making has on industry and commerce is a complex yet vital component of effecting change.  In every key sector from agribusiness to energy, healthcare and education to defence and national security our experience is your winning edge.