Rosie Garzaniti



With the research skills to determine what is relevant and why, Rosie's analytical dexterity ensures key insights help shape the best possible outcomes for our clients.

With a career that spans the corporate, retail and hospitality industries, including hands on experience of running her own successful small business enterprise, Rosie has a sharp eye for unearthing crucial market movements and the motivating factors behind them. 

Rosie has built this professional success on the twin tertiary foundations of a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance) from the University of Western Sydney and a Diploma in Marketing from the Australian Professional Marketing Institute.

With eight years at Bankers Trust and as a member of its Client Relations and Funds Management Institutional Business Development Team, Rosie has developed a keen sense of the financial factors that influence marketing, business development, event management, communications and business administration.

By interpreting what information can be harnessed to maximise stakeholder engagement Rosie helps equip the Cornerstone team with the precision of purpose to focus on and then deliver the right outcomes. 


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