Cornerstone Government Relations is part of Cornerstone Group, a leading national advisory firm offering government relations and corporate counsel.

Our management team and advisory Board bring unparalleled, bipartisan experience in the political and public policy arena.

Cornerstone’s clients are spread across a diverse range of industries from medical care to defence, resources, gaming and wagering, hospitality, financial services, renewable energy, the gig economy and transport, to name a few.

Our formidable range of contacts spans the breadth of Australia’s key decision-makers at a local, state and federal level as well as within the boardrooms of corporate Australia and with peak industry bodies, interest groups and the media.

Cornerstone Government Relations is the Australasian member of The Advocacy Group Inc. (TAG) – a global network of Public Affairs and Government Relations professionals.

Banking and Finance
Science, Technology and Innovation
Resources, Mining and Environment
Industry Associations, Charities and NGOs
Food and Agriculture
Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Sports, Gaming
Professional Services
Defence and Security
Media and Communications
Health and Medical
Government Agencies, Embassies and Consulates
Education and Training
Transport, Shipping and Logistics
Retail and Consumer
Energy and Renewables
Gig Economy
Our journey,
culture and

BRINGING PEOPLE together to discuss and negotiate a path forward is part of my DNA and is the reason Cornerstone Group was established in 2012.

Built on a foundation of ethics and facilitating outcomes, Cornerstone transformed what I already did as a business leader and member of politics into a viable and valued business.

In the mid-90s, electronic communication was becoming an essential part of the global supply chain. As a Director of the Australian Federation of Freight Forwarders, I was central to the development of an international agreement on process implementation, bringing global leaders to the table to implement electronic data interchange initiatives.

My experience also earned me a place on the negotiation team as Australia worked with both China and India in securing investment for infrastructure development.

As a former Director on the State Executive of a national political party, I observed first-hand how the interplay and two-way communications between business and government unfolded. Bringing people, business and government together via the Cornerstone Group was a natural evolution.

My motivation also comes from my early family life, and from my father’s dedication to charity work. This saw me involved in advocacy from a young age. Today, the Cornerstone Group still focuses on giving back to charities that our staff and clients believe need our support, including through pro bono services to the not-for-profit sector.

I believe that a business must set out to build ongoing and deep relationships with government, the community and the people in it. And to continue facilitating meaningful conversations between these stakeholders through good and bad times.

It is upon these foundations that the Cornerstone Group was founded, and against which we measure ourselves every day. Cornerstone is much more than a service provider to local and international businesses – we are proud to be the source of real time intelligence and insight for our clients as they grow their businesses in Australia.

Joseph Tannous
Founder and Executive Director Cornerstone Group

We are a registered lobbying organisation across all states and with the Commonwealth and we comply strictly with lobbyist codes. Every Cornerstone team member from our Advisory Board, directors and support staff through to the key experts we enlist all follow strict protocols of confidentiality and adhere to sound business principles.

  • Responsible Business Practice
  • Trust and Transparency
  • Social Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Respect

With leadership comes responsibility. All our business dealings are conducted within a strong ethical framework; this underpins the relationships we have built over time. We aim to balance commercial imperatives for clients with positive economic and social outcomes.

Cornerstone team members are passionate about the work they do for every client, on every project. We are upfront in all our dealings and we expect the same from our clients. Being open and honest is critical to achieving positive outcomes.

We know that the outcomes we strive to deliver for clients have direct flow-on effects. They should deliver a net benefit for society. We are strongly attuned to delivering outcomes that deliver social and environmental benefits for all.

We work to clearly defined objectives in a transparent manner and accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We seek to apply all of our resources effectively for clients and we submit ourselves to appropriate scrutiny.

We treat everyone in a considerate, fair and courteous manner. We maintain confidentiality and treat private information in a highly sensitive way. Our team members collaborate and engage constructively with each other and with clients towards a common goal – and we share our successes.

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